all bottlesThe craft beverage market is growing like crazy. The fact that the Big Producers are scrambling to create new products, and buying up craft producers and distributors in an effort to hold back the tide is evidence of that.

In your business, you’ve enough to contend with. Licensing, permits, equipment and supplies, staffing, financing, tasting rooms, the list goes on seemingly forever.

You make a tasty beverage, and your friends and those who find you say it’s amazing. But is it enough?

Do you have a raving fan base who evangelizes to anyone who will listen about how amazing your products are?

Is your product selling out as fast as you can bottle it? Or even before you can bottle it?

The thing is, marketing isn’t just about putting up a website and Facebook page and posting about what is going on. Or even local advertising in newspapers, on billboards and on television. All of these have their place, but what to use, and when?

Should you expand to new markets, or focus on the one you have now?

What about promotions? Shelf space? Collaborations?

So many things to consider.

What you need is a plan. And a process.

What do you do, and when do you do it?

I’d like to help. Can we talk? Grab a spot and let’s have a conversation.

Vicky Rowe-headshotMy name is Vicky Rowe (you can see more about me on my About page), and I’ve been involved in and supporting the mead industry since the mid-1990’s. As a marketing specialist, and as owner of, I’ve seen many meaderies start, and sadly, seen some not make it. More often than not, the ‘failure to thrive’ happened because of a lack of a marketing plan.

Regardless of whether you decide to work with me or not, I can help you create new ideas, set new goals, and come away from our talk with some fresh perspective and ideas you can implement right now to help sell more of your products and get more people to find you.