Wining for customers to buy your craft beverage

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Around here, the TV is often used as background noise as we work in our home offices, mainly to keep the dogs from barking their fool heads off at every passing car or crow cawing. But sometimes we get interesting stuff on there too. Marketing ideas come from all over, and you never know when a fabulous concept will just drop out of the sky. This commercial for Club W came on yesterday, and it sparked a conversation between us on what the craft...

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Winning the Shelf Space Game

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Considering shelf space in marketing your product, whether beer, wine, mead, cider or spirits, is a tough one. You are stacked against the ‘big boys’, the multinationals and giant brands. They play the game, reducing the space available to you by creating ‘adjacent’ products, that might not even provide them with significant profit, but serve the purpose of blocking you, like a defensive line in a football game, and...

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