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Vicky Rowe, CEO

Who is she, really?

I’m a marketing and sales geek. Have been since I was a teenager. And I found my love for craft beverages a decade or so after college, and after spending many years doing marketing for many other types of companies, but exclusively small businesses.

As a human, I’m a wife, a mother and owned by dogs (7 dogs to be honest). I live in rural Michigan, south of Traverse City. My husband and I have been together since 1981, and he’s often my ‘other brain’ when I’m working on marketing solutions for my clients. And I’m a huge craft alcohol fan, all of them. Our vacations almost always involve visiting craft wineries, breweries, distilleries, cideries and meaderies in whatever area we find ourselves in.

I’ve been involved in the craft alcohol world since 1996, when I created GotMead.com to both learn more about mead, help others learn about it, and to teach myself all the online marketing skills that were just then becoming essential to a small business for success.

I’m also a home mead maker, and enjoy crafting my own beverages.

I want to change the small business alcoholic beverage world, one craft beverage company at a time.

I want to give the power back to the *real* movers and shakers in this country, the small business owners.

I want to give *you* the strategy, tools and techniques you need to create a powerful, far reaching, *amazing* business that lets *you* be all *you* can be.

And in doing that, I’ll help more people help more people, so much more than I ever could have done before. And so much more than I could have done as just a web designer. Now, I have a plan. And I want to help you have one too.
You can get in touch with me anytime at vicky@craftbevmarketing.com.

And I’d love to be able to show you some of the things I’ve discovered over my life, ways to use the technology and marketing tools that are all around us to help you out.

Suffice it to say I’m a geek, and enjoy it immensely. And my ultimate enjoyment is seeing my clients succeed with their marketing to sell more of the amazing alcohol they create.


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